Saturday, January 21, 2012

what did the boy scouts say???

It would be wrong to say that we had a full nine months to plan for the events of this week, but we had at least a full seven and a half months. You would think that would be plenty of time to prepare for any thing, I am afraid though that is not the case. I had time to paint over a pink room. I had time to make sure that two of the south's great hero's (Chipper and General Lee) found places on the wall in the nursery. I even had time to come up with a name. But to say that I or we were prepared for January 17th 2012 would be a lie. But hey, its all good one best  assets is that ability to roll with the punches.

For the last week or so I knew it would be best to work close to home say no more than two hours away. My wife had been getting pretty restless around the house, and you know what they say about the old restless mare. So it was no great surprise when she call me on Tuesday to let me know that the time was now. I was about an hour away; a drive that I'm sure I made in about forty-five minutes. That, my friends, was the easy part because home is still an hour away from Kennestone Hospital. I am absolutely amazed by the fact that no matter how fast a man drives with a woman and labor, he still could be driving about ten miles per hour faster. I'm also still pondering why a red light has zero meaning to a woman in labor, but these might not be things that men are supposed to understand.

Another thing I don't quite comprehend; the health care crisis. It seems to me that modern medicine is right on track. As soon as we arrived at the emergency room the wheels turned in hurry. In a little less than ninety minutes I had a new son born by c-section. My wife and I were covered up by nurses and doctors of the highest quality. The term well oiled machine comes to mind. It is certainly safe to say that the medical staff was much more prepared to deal with the situation more than I was. But again, roll with it.

Tonight, I have the whole family home, and everyone is sleeping soundly. Which is quite an accomplishment. And while I got that job done, I am in no way prepared to deal with trials of the upcoming days, months, or years. But I am undoubtedly looking forward to facing them head on. Who knows what going to happen. I hope that in about 19 years I watch Charlie Pat strike out the side at the Ted, but if not thats all good. I guess in the end I wish a full and happy life for him; not matter what path he might decide to take.       

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