Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Every town in this country looks the same from the interstate. There are Outback Steak Houses, Academy Outdoors, and Applebees at every exit on every interstate in every city: and they all are the same damn place. No matter whether they are in Atlanta Georgia or Nashville Tennessee the food is same, the bartenders are the same, even the people at the bar are the same.

A few weeks back, after a good couple of days in the southern Louisiana swamp, I decided to get off of Interstate 10 and take Highway 90 east for a few miles. It was one of those decisions that was made with out any real consideration, or regard to outcome. I just got off the interstate.

   After deciding to drive down Highway 90 I washed my hands in the Gulf of Mexico, and  found a great hand tossed pizza and a cold Southern Pecan on tap at an outside table with this view.

I decide then and there that if I have to be on the road all time; I should take it upon myself to REALLY experience all the southern US has to offer. After all, every town has something unique. Baton Rouge has grilled cheese sandwiches; Jackson has a good baseball team; and Tuscaloosa has ribs.   Then I decided to do my best to share it, so I packed a camera and started taking pictures.

I’ll post them with absolutely NO regularity.

On Highway 25 North a few miles south of the North Carolina line the foothill begin to look impressive

On the first base side of home in Pearl Mississippi. 

almost 500 Confederate solders are buried on the campus of Ole Miss. Their football stadium is about 500 yard to the left of the frame.  
A bank clock in Hendersonville North Carolina

Carl Sandburg (no kin to Ryan) lived here after he wrote a few poems

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