Sunday, March 31, 2013

resolution update

Holy Crap! I'm getting fat!
I weighed in this morning at 172 pound, which is heavier than I was when I started this little project. I'm lifting heavier weight than I was in January, so I was hoping that the increase in pounds was due to a muscular increase. Apparently, that is not the case. 

weight: 172 lbs
pounds of fat: 33 lbs (that is a nasty thought)
Body Fat: 19%
True Waist 33 inches   
no change in arms and legs

To be fair to myself, three weeks ago I put down the Marlboro Lites. After about 10 days I realized that I could smell and taste food, and that I liked it. I think I'm also eating more to keep my hands and mouth busy. I guess my point is; maybe a few pounds right now is an OK trade for not smoking.

Tomorrow is Monday April 1st 2013, and it will be time to get back on track to 15% body fat. 


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  1. Saw your post today about the 'byways' and traveling off the beaten path... great pics. And so happy to see this post and that you have quit smoking!! I hope you are doing well still. It was great partnering with you on the WOD Saturday.
    Wishing you safe travels.