Friday, August 19, 2016

still water

Lot long ago I heard someone described as having a peaceful air about them. To my way of thinking, that was one of the most complementary adjectives I have heard used to paint another person.  Especially since I was under a considerable amount of stress at the time.

Most that know me best might be surprised to learn that I had come to a place where stress was beginning to affect my life. Like so many predators in our life, stress crept up on me and had a good solid hold before I had a chance to realize anything was out of the norm.  You see, was like a snowball, at first I begin to have poor sleep at night. Science tells that inadequate sleep promotes a certain hormone that craves large meals. So eating and drinking too much along with not getting enough rest my fitness pretty well evaporated. So now on top of the original stressors my body begin to not feel or look good which lead to more stress.  …And I’m back to the top of the circle.

As the saying goes, “when the student is ready the teacher appears” and as it turns out; there is an app for that. Like all major questions that we wrestle with, in today's smartphone world I  turned toward Google, iBooks, and YouTube in search of a road towards peace.  After several books and videos that produced enough positive results to motivate more searching I found Headspace and Andy.

For about 8 weeks I have been experimenting with Headspace and a couple of Meditation books. Not the kind of meditation that promise spiritual enlightenment with crystals and candles, but mindfulness practices that help train the mind to understand the brain more clearly (read that sentence again).   Amazingly, since this journey began, most of the problems that were causing so much stress have been repaired. I have to acknowledge a strong correlation to resolving the stressing issues and being able to deal with them from a new mindful perspective. Also, my fitness is improving again and my body feels and looks better. Sleep comes easier. So I think maybe I have discovered that wellness can snowball much the same way stress does.

My purpose for this writing is not in anyway to be boastful about my own personal journey and problem resolution. Instead, my hope is for the reader to be encouraged to begin your own walk without prejudice or judgment, toward mindfulness. Download the headspace app and give it the 10 days it ask for. If at the end of 10 days you find it is not for you all you’ll have invested is 100 minutes and about 90 MB of space on your phone.  If however, you land on the other side of the coin, you can begin to find still waters and blue sky that will lead to peace. Peace is a good thing.

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