Saturday, December 17, 2011

my tunes

Tonight the house is filled with the smell of pork chops and grits and I just got back from Five Forks Grocery Store with a 6 pack of Bock. Not a bad way to pass a Saturday night. I spent a large portion of today with cleaning and cooking around the house with a pair of ear phones belting out out my favorite tunes. Which has got to thinking that it would be selfish not to share a few of the best artist and songs with you guys.

Whiskey Myers - I found these guys on i tunes some how and I'm sure glad I did. They are from east Texas, but you would think they grew up in the same house as Ronnie Vans Zant or Gregg Allman. They have a sound that clearly is the closest thing to southern rock since the peak of Skynard. Their web site ( also list Cross Canadian Rag Weed and Reckless Kelly as major influences; that's a can't miss. I would recommend "Ballad of a Southern Man" and "Nobody Knows Her Name" as good tracks to start with.

Avett Brothers - I can't recall if I mentioned these guys or not in my last post about music. If not, here we go. This band lands a little on the folk side of things to my ear which is no surprise considering their North Carolina roots.  I believe their strength is the strong lyrics they produce and is evidenced in the song "Head Full of Doubt." One of my dear friends once asked me to recommend a song for the repeat button and I went with "Alabama Pines" by Jason Isbell, but "Head Full of Doubt" would have worked to; its that good.

The Greencards - This band may not be for everybody as they are deeply rooted in bluegrass and instrumentals. I love their style and sound. Whats better than a violin/fiddle? Nothing.
Their "The Brick" Album is a great place to start.

I'm a sucker too for covers here are a few good ones
"Simple Man" artist The Rambles
"Sledge Hammer" artist Dave Matthews Band
"Pursuit of Happiness" artist Lessie (not for the kids)
"Train to Birmingham" artist Stoney LaRue
"Two Out of Three Aint Bad" Artist Jamey Johnson
"Wichita Lineman" artist REM  Yes I said REM

I hope ya'll enjoy, and I'm always looking for new music. If you have a gem don't keep it to your self. Pass it my way.

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