Friday, March 2, 2012

ok: lets breath a little

I find as I get older things that used to thrill me now weight heavy on my shoulders. Tonight I'm speaking of the extradanary weather event that is sweeping through my territory. I recall clearly many of the weather events in the past when I would stand in my yard with some sort of fascination directed at a force that's power was as of yet undefined for me. Unfortunately that all changed in late April of 2011.

The events of that day are etched within my mind's eye much like a picture hanging on my living room wall. I recall clearly the meeting that Steve, Peggy, and myself had in Carrolton that morning, and then watching Cullman trend on Twitter by 3:00PM. Even more, I recall the terror I felt when the Atlanta news named Taylorsville-Macidonia Road as direct target for the storm. As it were, the news channel was about a half a mile in error, and we were not affected. But still after seeing destruction across my territory and living through that night I'm not sure that I will ever fully recover from the events of that day.

Tonight is evidence of that. Unusually warm temperatures combined with an impending cold front has made the North West Georgia atmosphere unstable once again, and the storm siren in my FRONT YARD is blaring like the world's end is one its way. All I can think is "please don't fuck this up." With a nervous wife, a scared 7 year old girl, and a 6 week old son I feel a strong sense of responsibility to instill caution with out fear. Which becomes a little tricky when fear has hold of my gut. So I have decided the best answer it to pour a glass of bourbon send them down stairs and go outside and have a good smoke. Makes good sense right? Well let’s hope it doesn't get bad.

I wish all of you the best that are in the path of tonight's storms, and that you are able to read my drunken rambling safe over your morning coffee.

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