Monday, March 26, 2012


It occurs to me that no matter how hard a person perseveres in life that without someone there to provide some  "know how" tons of hard work can be fruitless. For a second, reflect on the successes of your life, and then think of all the great teachers it took to make those successes a reality. My guess is that if you answer honestly your name comes up near the bottom of the list. True, you are responsible for the application of knowledge passed to you by great teachers, but its my argument that with out the knowledge supplied great teachers we would never get the chance to excel at our chosen vocation.

It is with some amount of pride that I'm able to say that there are not many people that have been as fortunate as my self to have been around as many great teachers as I have. As I reflect back through the last fifteen or twenty year a distinct since of pride permeates my memory. So many high quality many people have been very gracious sharing their life's experiences with me in hopes of making my life better... How can I ever say THANK YOU enough. I guess the only true way is to be the absolute best,,, at life. Sad to say I'm coming up a little short, but I'm trying.

I'm trying... Sigh... The question of the night: is trying enough to honor those who have tried to make you better?  Truth? I don't know, but it is my most sincere hope that the honor is in the trial.

thanks to all that have tried to make me a better man

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