Wednesday, July 18, 2012

200 meters

Wrecked is the best word I have to portray how I am feeling tonight.  My shoulders, back, and quads are all shot to hell. Some of that is from today’s “Dirty Thirty”, but I really broke them down on Monday; all in the span of two hundred meters.

For a moment allow your mind’s eye conjure a football field. The distance from goal post to goal post is about 100 meters, a seemingly innocent length. Most anyone can sprint the span of goal post and back with no problem, but try covering 200 meters with a walking lunge followed by a 200 meter sprint.  At this point in the program your legs really aren’t working well which really makes a sprint a little changing.  Following a two meter sprint, two hundred meter walking lunges, and a second two hundred meter sprint; comes a two hundred meter bear crawl (if you aren’t familiar with this use Google).  Remember two hundred meters is goal post to goal post and back, and by now two hundred is not looking so innocent.  So let’s do another 200 meter sprint with no legs or shoulders now, and then proceed to broad jump burpees (Google here if needed).  By now the football field might as well be two miles, and these are excruciating when your body is fresh. Try them after all  this and they are damn near impossible.  Finish up with one more sprint.  43 minutes 13 seconds from start to finish and you are left with a depleted shell of a body, and that is before the soreness sets in the next day.

Don’t get me wrong I’m really not complaining.  I was out there doing this with a bunch of crazy ass crossfitters that really made it an enjoyable afternoon workout.  And after all, we do stupid stuff like this daily.  Tomorrow it’s one rep max clean and jerks, a 3 round “wod”, and rowing for extra conditioning. I don't think the wrecked muscles have any relief in sight. for them

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