Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's the 9th of January, and I'm ready to make my new years resolutions for 2013. I think they are all well thought out, and more importantly measurable. I have decided that if a goal can't be measured there really isn't a reason for having it. Also, I believe publishing them on the www should provide some accountability and motivation.

So here we go...

By my own measurements (3 point Jackson-Pollock algorithm) I have figured that I'm currently sporting  17.95% total body fat. On my 171 pound 5'11'' frame (33 1/2 true waist) that's 30.69 pounds of fat.  18% body fat falls right on a line between average and ideal, but I would very much like to drop that number down to 15%. I'm not real concerned about my weight; about 170 pounds is probably where I should be. Soooo; if I drop 3% body fat I'm going to have to gain some muscle some where. My left arm measures 12 1/2 inches my right is 12 3/4. Left leg 21 inches; right 20 1/2. I'm guessing those numbers will have to go up, but we'll see.

To get to 15% body fat I'm going to have to lose 4.43 pounds of fat. All things considered I should be able to get this done. Adding that weight in muscle might be tougher to do, but if I get down to 165 total weight I look like I have some sort of chronic disease.     ...More squats, and jerks for me. 

I'm have not been a great money saver so another goal of mine is to increase my savings account by a multiplier of 3. Being that there really isn't a whole lot in it now I should be able to get that done.

I'll update this in about a month

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