Thursday, January 3, 2013

where we were and where we are

We are a few days removed from the turn of the new year, and most folks have restarted their day to day routine. I'm betting that for many people the resolutions that were made with such excitement are beginning to fade already. For me though, I like to ease into my resolutions with a healthy dose of retrospect and an awareness of where I'm at.

2012 was a wild year to say the least. Looking back on the previous twelve months I find myself thankful for my laid-back demeanor. Six Flags Over Georgia does not have a roller coaster with as many ups and downs as 2012 did for me. I recall distinctly, several moments, when emotions flat over ran my usual stoic personality. While I can deal with an occasional stresser with out much problem enough is enough. I'm happy to turn the page to a new set of months, and see if I can keep them a little more even keel.

With that said; some how every thing seems to have ironed out for the best.  While there are challenges  at home and at work that weren't around on January 4th 2012, I welcome the tasks at hand. i guess I can safely say that through all the messes of last year my little family and me are in better shape that we were a year ago. So... It's All Good

I didn't want to bore any one with a wordy recount of every thing that happened in 2012, but in case you,er wondering I'll do 2012 in bullet points

  • new son
  • sick mom
  • quit smoking
  • fired
  • started smoking
  • hired
  • well mom
  • sick dad
  • coaches award at a gym (yep that really happen)
  • drunk nights
  • sober nights (not many)
  • a few other thing that don't fit well into bullet points
I think I'm close to deciding on a few new years resolutions, and it's my plan to keep them updated on this blog. I'm not sure if it will be a lot of fun, or if nobody will really care but we'll find out.  

Happy Year!!!

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