Sunday, November 20, 2011

be good at it

We have all been trained to do something. It does not matter if the training came from formal education, or experience, or both, I think we all want to be the best at whatever we do. There are, no doubt, some people that have the talent and drive to be the best and some that don't, but I believe all most everybody possesses the desire to be the best. Of course I'm not blind to the exceptions to the rule; if my conjecture was 100% true well fare would not be as much of an issue as it is today. My point, though, is not to have a political dialog, but to reflect on the times when a person is able rise up and be extremely good at whatever it is they do.

It occurs to me that in order for a person to excel at anything certain conditions must be present. Even after someone has put vast amount of effort in becoming well versed in a discipline there must be some sort of an opportunity for a person to show case their talent. For some professions it seems this opportunity would be readily available, for example a professional athlete is able to look at a schedule months before a game and know that on that day he is going to have to be at his best. For most of us though, there is no off season and we have to be prepared to preform at our highest level at any time. We often find ourselves in situations that present problems that are unexpected, and these unexpected issues are, in my view, the best chances we will ever have to be at our best.

The catch to this, of course, is in order to deal with the unexpected problem we have to be prepared to deal with anything at a moment's notice. There are tools that we always have at or disposal like, intellect, charm, and strength. Others though, are a product of preparation. Those of us that are willing to take the time to prepare for situations that we can't foresee, are the people that are able to excel in our chosen vocation. When the time comes to be good, and you are able to rise above expectations, the reward is always worth the time sacrificed to prepare. I'm not speaking of money or even the respect of other, the reward is a feeling of pride and self worth that we are able to take home and use to drive ourselves to be the best again.  

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