Friday, November 11, 2011

the murph

I have made a point to keep the every day details of my life some what obscure in all of my post to date. Today though, I would like to share a specific experience that  will require some specifics. Please forgive me from the departure from the norm.

Today I participated in a  work out named simply "Murph". The workout garners its name from Lt Micheal Murphy, who was killed in operation Enduring Freedom. There is no way I could ever have the words to describe the events that lead to his death, my life has been too easy to understand such things (if you would like to read about it visit . But it is worth saying; this brave American was the first Navy man awarded the Medal of Honor since Vietnam. It is my belief that none of us will ever know the courage that this man possessed.

Tonight, as I compose this post, the soreness that I have in my legs, chest, and back has become a reminder of this American hero. I am surely not the only one either; I expect tens of thousand of other people that participated today across our nation have the same fatigue and appreciation for Lt Murphy.  While I understand fully that, compared to the sacrifices that the men and women of our military make everyday, today's event was insignificant. I'm still carrying an amount of pride that I was able to (in a small way) honor the memory of one of our country's best. It is one of my wishes that we, as a nation, would take more time to honor and thank the brave men of the Armed Forces. They deserve more than one day a year.

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