Friday, October 28, 2011

game 7

Spring training started on Valentines Day: Opening Day was March 31,  July 12 marked the All Star Game, and tonight is the last game of the year. Game 7 of the Fall Classic is tied at two, Harrison and Carpenter are both settling down after having shaky first innings, and its shaping up to be a good one. And rightfully so; after 7 months we deserve one for the history books.

Allan Craig!!! Cards lead 3-2

Looking back on the season now, it seems to be a haze of highs and lows. But the memory that is clear in my mind: the warm summer nights spent on the deck listening to Don Sutton and Jim Powell call the games with a cold drink and a good smoke. I believe the beauty of baseball is the easy way it lends itself to an easy laid back radio broadcast. After a day of talking, talking, and more talking, Don and Jim are happy for me not say a word for three hours while they carry the conversation. They don't get upset if I have one to many, and if my mind drifts to some where else that's no problem either.  And really, whats does life offer us that is a better experience than a balmy July night with an icy bourbon and good baseball story?

It is more than likely going to be a long cold winter this year, but the hot stove will be burning and spring training will be right around the corner. I think that should be enough to pull me through to opening day 2012.

Bottom 5th Cards still up 3-2

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