Monday, October 31, 2011

hot stove: the first edition

Its only been a few days since I posted "game 7" and already the hot stove is burning in Atlanta. With yesterday's good by to McLouth and today's departure of Lowe for a single A prospect, Braves Country is ready for next season. All the "experts" call the moves addition by subtraction, and I would have to say that for the most part I'm in agreement. It seems though, that many of the experts forget the holes that Lowe and McLouth were brought in to fill.

In sports, and in life, people tend to place their feeling, beliefs, and convictions on the last thing that they remember. They neglect the events that lead up to whatever is happening now. I believe this to be a fault of human nature. It would be too much of a cliche to say those that neglect the past are doomed to repeat it so we will leave that part out, and simply say: don't forget the quality starts. When the Braves signed Lowe as a free agent the team didn't have any pitching at all to speak of, and he was a post season hero. It made sense. His first start at the Ted was electric, 15 wins latter we all were happy Lowe was on the team. That was a few years ago though, and tonight you would think that we just traded away the worst player in MLB history. To my mind that's not fair to Lowe or the Braves.

Anyway, tonight the Hot Stove is just getting warm for the winter. It is going to fun to watch Frank make his moves over the next few months.

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