Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how 'bout them yankees

I not a person that holds on to many forms of discrimination. Sexism, racism, or any other kind of ism that most people think of are generally not part of my makeup. However, I have to admit I'm guilty of  discriminating against people from two parts of the world: northerners (also know as Yankees) and Texans (also know as assholes). This week though I have I have been forced to take another look at my opinion of Yankees.
The first thought I have when people say they are from New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in New England, is that they fit the typical northern big city profile. That is to say, I believe them to rude, uppity, and ignorant of more our gentile ways before I even shake their hand. I have to say though, I might have been in error, at least in part. Having spent all of this week so far with a colleague of mine that hails from a one of the large northern cities, have been impressed with their ability to blend in with some of Alabama's more rural people.  Apparently, despite my preconceptions, everything north of the Carolinas is not all one big city; there must be some people up there still making their living off of the land and raising their young'uns to be polite and respectful.
There are differences though that become apparent that I'm having trouble getting accustom to though. It is obvious that northern women are not treated with the same basic curtsies that women in the south take for granted. One such difference is the simple act of walking through a door. Southern women expect to be lead through an opened door into any room. This does not seem to be the expectation of a northern women; as they seem more comfortable following a man into a room. It is a small difference at first glance, but after deeper thought it makes me wonder if northern women are deprived of other common curtsies that they very well deserve. To me it is a issue of respect; one that is difficult to fully express. I can't believe that there are no men north of the Mason-Dixon that don't have the utmost respect for women, I just don't under stand how they express their respect. 
After  this week, I don't think I will be able to let go of all my prejudices against Yankees, but I have to say that I will be more open to making exceptions.  

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